ive been tryin to find a solution for this problem for some hours now, but i
just dont know how to do it... so i ask for ur assistance. Lemme list some
examples, so u can see what im tryin to do :)
"word" = "word"
>word = >| word |
<word = <| word |
>"word = >|word |
<word" = <| word|

So if pattern is "word" it should stay "word", if patter is >"word it should
replace it with >|word | and so on as u see from examples... any help or
hints would be helpfull...

thats what i have now: preg_replace("#^[<|>]?[^\"](.*?)[^\"]$#i", "| \\0 |",
$string); .. but it doesnt work :P

thx in advance !

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