Oh yes, I forgot about email, which was mentioned in another answer to this

Some providers give you an email address with your phone, for example
I believe that One2One (or whatever it's called today) give you
<phonenumber>@one2one.com.  Email sent to that address arrives at your phone
as an SMS.  Somebody has to pay for the message, so it's probably you.

By the way, there is no guarantees on how long it will take to deliver an
SMS, or if it will ever arrive.  Typically 1% never arrive, more if the
network is very busy because something interesting has just happened on "Big
Brother" and everybody below 35 in the UK is sending a text (to somebody who
is busy sending them one).  That means it's wise to send a text, wait a few
minutes and send it again.  Buy a UPS with plenty of capacity ...

Oh yes, and don't forget to put all of the network access devices on the
UPS - the router, the switch and so on.  Otherwise when the power fails, you
won't be able to access the message gateway across the web.


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