Perhaps the problem is in your translation.  NOW() records a timestamp that
is formated by YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.  If you are translating this in PHP a
function designed to take in a UNIX timestamp (that is "Unix Epoch" time ,
the number of seconds from some date 30 years ago) you will recieve a rather
confusing result.  This may not be the problem but it was just a thought.

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> Checked the archive and saw no difinitives... so... How come when I query
my clients mySQL DB and use NULL or NOW() as my default in a TIMESTAMP
record that it always comes up Jan 18, 2038?
> Is the clock not set properly, or am I misunderstanding some basic
principal of the time stamp?
> My clients version pf PHP is 4+ on a Windows IIS server.
> Any clues???
> Thanks
> -NorthBayShane
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