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>I have 100 records in mySQL database and I need to display them in my web 
>page using php and html. How to display them in multiple pages? Each page 
>must contain 25 records. Does anyone know how to do it other than create 4 
>pages and manually list the records there? or maybe point me some reference 
>please. Your help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Search MySQL's site or PHPBuilder/WeberDev/etc for an example of the LIMIT

Or, very briefly:

  if (!isset($start)){
    $start = 0;
    $limit = 25;
  $query = "select blah from mytable limit $start, $limit";
  $records = mysql_query($query) or error_log(mysql_error()); #check http
error_log for errors!
  while (list($blah) = mysql_fetch_row($records)){
    echo "$blah<BR>\n";
  echo "<A HREF=samepage.php?start=", $start - 25, ">Prev</A>";
  echo "<A HREF=samepage.php?start=", $start + 25, ">Next</A>";

You'll want to check that you don't go over 100 or under 0, and that there
actually *IS* a Next/Prev page, but this is the core of it.

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