Elderson) wrote:

>open connection to oke
>  get / done
>  get / failt
>Closing connection to oke
>The problem is the "Connection: Close\n\n" header. The webserver close the 
>connection after the first request, if i remove 
>the "Connection: Close\n\n" header the first fgets($web_conn, 128) command 
>will never ends.
>It's running on winXP apache 2.0.36 PHP 4.2.1 (test server) from the shell

First of all, you need to be aware that a web-server is not required to
respond using HTTP/1.1 just because you asked for it...  If the web-server
don't feel like doing HTTP/1.1, it can fall back to HTTP/1.0 in its
[At least, that's how I understand it...]

So this whole multiple-file thingie may not work if, as I suspect, HTTP/1.0
doesn't support multiple files in one connection.

Secondly, I think it's probably just a Bad Idea (tm) to try to force HTTP to
do 2 files in one connection anyway -- It just complicates your life, and is
giving you headaches already...  How much worse will it get in a year?

That said, I suspect that fgets() is looking for a particular character all
by itself on a line that determines the end of a file.  Control-D, possibly.
 So, *MAYBE* sending a chr(4) (control-D) after each file will work...

Even if it does work, I still think it's a Bad Idea -- I'm not sure fgets()
is DOCUMENTED to use the Control-D, so there's no guarantee it will keep
working.  More headaches next week/month/year.

Disclaimer:  I'm not promising any of this is correct -- mostly guess-work

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