>Is there a way to read the comments of a MSWord Doc file. I would like to
>get a directory listing of file in a directory that are mostly MSWORD docs.
>I would like to list the files with a description after each one. With HTML
>files I just read the file into a string and split it just after <title> and
>then again before </title> and display that. I am not sure if something can
>be done with a MSWORD doc. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me or
>chooses to comment.

Perhaps you could use doc2html to convert them on-the-fly?...

There are almost for sure other doc2XXX choices that might get better

I suspect that the meta-data about who wrote the file, when they wrote it,
etc that Word has been keeping for several versions now might also be
something that has public accessors...

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