>Checked the archive and saw no difinitives... so... How come when I query 
>my clients mySQL DB and use NULL or NOW() as my default in a TIMESTAMP 
>record that it always comes up Jan 18, 2038?
>Is the clock not set properly, or am I misunderstanding some basic 
>principal of the time stamp?
>My clients version pf PHP is 4+ on a Windows IIS server.

Show us some source code...

2038 is the "end of time" for Unix timestamps on 32-bit hardware.

In other words, if you take 0xFFFFFFFF, that 2 billion number that's the
biggest signed integer you can get with 32 bits, and you try to turn that
into a date/time, you'll get something in March of 2038, which is 2 billion
seconds after JANUARY 1st, 1970, midnight (GMT), which is "0" time.

Most likely, you are somehow convincing MySQL and/or PHP to use some number
very close to 0xFFFFFFFF and convert that to a time stamp...

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