>Hello ,
>I have a text file that looks like this. each entry is on a different
>line I need to pull the data out of
>it and put each line of data into its own variable
>Company Name
>Section 2
>I have trend this but it does not work properly
>        $fp = @fopen(file.txt,"r");
>          $line = explode("\n",$fp);
>          $valueC = "$line[0]";
>          $valueST = "$line[1]";
>          @fclose($fp);

$fp is a NUMBER.
The first file you open is Number 1, the second is number 2, and so on.

So you can't just go explode()ing $fp -- You've got to read some data.

$data = fread($fp, 10000); or
$data = fgets($fp, 100000000); or...

Lots of choices, actually, depending on how the file is layed out.

Now, some questions:

How "regimented" is the data?  Is it *really* clean and always the same
number of lines?

If so, a simple:

$country = fgets($fp, 1000000);
$state = fgets($fp, 1000000);

inside of a while(!feof($fp)){ loop will work.

If there are sometimes some "missing" lines, or maybe sometimes two lines
where there should be one, it gets a bit more tricky...

You may need to look into http://php.net/strtok and do some high-falutin'
artificial-intelligence analysis of the data coming it as you read it to
"guess" which line is what...

And definitely get rid of the @ symbol, or AT LEAST check the value of $fp
and do something intelligent if it's no good.

if (!$fp){
  # send error message or whatver.

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