>I think there is also a directive in php.ini to ALWAYS include a certain
>file at the top of each script, transparently.

Search for "append" or "prepend" in php.ini and you'll find it.

>> Depending on what data you need to have in these variables, you might be
>> able to set them as environment variables through apache (that is, _if_
>> you're running apache, _if_ you have access to the configuration file,
>> _if_ mod_env is installed, etc). I'm guessing that wouldn't be a
>> flexible enough alternative for you, but it might be worth considering.

There actually *ARE* alternatives to the database...

LDAP -- okay, just a weird kind of database

Shared Memory -- not for the faint of heart, but possibly the "right"
solution for some kinds of things that one might use application variables
in ASP for.

But, really, a simple include file to define a bunch of constants or do
something on every page is no big deal.

Sure beats all the headaches and *OVERHEAD* of ASP's application variables. 
(Huge overhead on the web server, IIRC)

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