>Permission denied
>Yep. Crap.  If I let PHP create the file (delete the files as they exist
>now), that will give it permission (because it will have made them), right?

You're getting closer, though. :-)

Now your problem simply boils down to one of security and file permissions.

Alas, with Windows, that's a bit of a mess...

Depending on the version of the OS you may or may not have a way to set the
permissions of a file/directory for PHP  to be able to do what you want...

First, you gotta figure out what user PHP runs as.

<?php phpinfo();?>

Then, you gotta figure out if your Windows OS version even has the concept
of "user" at all, and what user[s] it thinks should be able to muck with
your files, and if there's some way to convince Windows it's okay to do

I can only say that if you click on all the stuff with the right-click mouse
thingie, and it still won't let you alter who can change which file, you're
probably in trouble...

Your probably should eventually move the files PHP can alter *OUTSIDE* the
web tree, as a security issue.  Though, with Windows, I'm not sure it makes
a lot of difference, given the 'security' already there... :-)

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