"Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> >Is there a way to programatically (inside a session) change session
> >for the current session only? (using cookie-based sessions) ?
> Wild Guess:
> What if you use the PHP functions to alter the php.ini value for session
> time out in that script before you call session_start()?...

maybe, but that would change the duration for ALL follwing sessions...?

> PHP is just sending Cookies with the session ID and a time-frame for their

not just. There is the matter of session variables that are serialized into
files on the filesystem, and garbage collected when sessions expire...

> This is just *SOOO* wrong to do, but it may let you limp by until you come
> up with a better answer...

probably not :)

I am very surprised that such capability is missing from php!

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