I'm having to learning new languages faster than I'm having hot dinners.
When I say learn I don't mean become some sort of guru, just enough to get
by. If I wanted to do it in perl (and I know this isn't the right newsgroup,
but please excuse me), how would I access a mysql server?

Besides that, its working a treat with wget and php. I'll have a fully
fledged autoresponder system up in no time. Thankyou all.


"Erik Price" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Tuesday, July 2, 2002, at 01:00  PM, Henry wrote:
> > Only one concern. Are there any security issues.
> > And I suppose more
> > importantly, if there are; is there a way to get the php-script to
> > ensure
> > that is is being invoked by my cron deamon. Should I put the page in a
> > directory and use .htaccess to control security. Or can I check the
> > referrer
> > to ensure that it is not being invoked via a browser!!
> There are always security issues.  I have no idea about the details of
> your system, your needs, or anything else, so I can't tell you anything
> except to think logically about what you are doing.  Does taking the
> wget path mean that anybody can use links/lynx/wget/telnet/Internet
> Explorer/Mozilla to execute your script?  Most definitely.  Be sure that
> you take this into account when you design it (you may wish to check
> things like the User-agent, IP address, and other HTTP variables to make
> sure that it is being executed "properly").
> > I'm going to go down the wget path at the moment. Thanks in advance.
> Good idea -- seems like your only option according to what you've told
> us.
> Personally I would probably write a Perl script (most hosts have Perl)
> to do whatever it is that needs to be done and have cron execute that,
> this saves you from a whole window of exploit (the web server).  But if
> you don't have Perl or don't know Perl, that's a problem.
> Good luck,
> Erik
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> Erik Price
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