Nothing will be inserted if the variable is empty, so you could just use
$firstname, $product, $date, etc. inside your "letter".  The main problem is
adding logic to your "letter" to respond appropriately based on the value of
different variables.  For example:

$MailBody = "";
if (empty($firstname))
        $MailBody .= "Dear Customer";
        $MailBody .= "Dear $firstname";

Note the use of .= to append to the string.

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Subject: [PHP] find and replace in php

Imagine I have a piece of text

"Dear [firstname]

Thankyou for purchasing [product] on [date].

We're sure you'll be very [expectation].

Ta Very much."

Whats the easiest way to replace all the things in square brackets with
variables of the same name.

i.e. $firstname, $product, $date, $expectation

Whilst ensuring that if the variable doesn't exist then it will be replaced
with "" (absolutely nothing).

Thankyou in advance


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