>Except in a production environment, where you really never want your 
>users to see PHP error messages that you haven't coded yourself for the 
>user's benefit.  It could reveal just a bit too much about your setup... 
>even filenames are valuable to maleficants.
>I recommend setting your php.ini to E_NONE and then putting 
>error_reporting(E_ALL) at the top of each of your scripts, and then when 
>the file is migrated to production, comment or remove the line.

Yes, sorry, should have been more clear.

*IF* you have a Production and Development server split environment, get
E_ALL on Development, and E_NONE on Production.

If you only have the one environment, it's better to *FIND* the damn bugs
and fix them (E_ALL) than to never even know they are there (E_NONE or other

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