> id 3 from the database. What I really want is to state width 
 > is 100 and height is 100 for example so I do not have to downlaod the
 > picture and specify the width and height as part of the image:
 >      Do not want     
 >      <img src="getdata.php?id=3" width="100" height="100">
 >      WHat I want
 >      <img src="getdata.php?id=3&width=100&height=100">
 >      WHich will be a lot quicker on the client side.

This won't really change speed on the client side at all - the image is
the size that the image is.  Changing it's display size won't change the
file size.

Having said that, if you're looking to set a standard width and height
for an image loading in a particular location then you could probably
just do this:

  <img src="getdata.php?id=3" width=100 height=100>

...which should do what you want.  If you actually want the real width
and height of the image then you're probably going to have to do some
pre-processing to work out the width and height first and then include
them in the image tag.

CYA, Dave

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