Okay, here's a stumper for the gurus:

Why does PDF just "stop" on some strings and not print them?


Look at the 19th, 21st, and 26th of July.  Look at our on-line calendar:


Source code:


Now, tell me why the Bob Dylan tribute concert is all f'ed up in the PDF
file.  This is a Big Deal (tm).  We can't print the calendar like this.

And what's with McCarthy?  Is that such a long name?

You can even use "View Source" on the HTML to verify that there are no funky
newline characters in the data, as I have.

While we're at it:
How about the '8' in '8 pm' in the middle of the "Don't Miss" block?
And the '7' in the beginning of the area code of the phone number in the
same block?
What's with "holes" in the text being output?

Is it just me?

I've convinced my client to stop using 3 different software packages to
maintain his calendar, and we can just "print from the web-site" instead of
him entering it into his desktop all over again to print out the hundreds of
calendars he goes through every month in the coffee-house.

Now we need to print up July before he heads out of town tomorrow, and it's
not working.

PDF seems to choose, sometimes, for no apparent reason, to not use the full
size of a text box available.  The text "should" fit.  Why doesn't it?

Yes, the logs show me things like:

[Tue Jul  2 18:51:00 2002] [error] Trying  Becky Blocksom 7:00 PM, Jenny
McCarthy Bienemann 7:00 PM, Roho 9:00 PM
[Tue Jul  2 18:51:00 2002] [error] Leftover McCarthy Bienemann 7:00 PM, Roho
9:00 PM

So, how come it doesn't like McCarthy so much?  What is it about McCarthy
that makes it always "not fit" into a text box?

I know I sound cranky and frustrated -- Sorry.  But, well, I am. :-)

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