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> Just looking for a pointer or functions I can use to do this...
> I have a spreadsheet with a couple thousand entries that I'll be using for
> populating a MySQL database. The spreadsheet has names listed in "last,
> first" - the database I'll be populating has separate fields for first and
> last names.
> I exported the names column from the spreadsheet in tab-delimited format
> I figured I could come up with a quick PHP script that would open the text
> file, find each instance of ", ", take all that's before that delimiter
> move it after all that's after that delimiter, inserting a tab in between.
> So "last, first" would become "first[tab]last".
> So far, I've gotten:
> <?php
>       $filename = "NAMES.txt"; //name the file...
>       $fp = fopen($filename,"r+"); //open it...
>       echo "Reading $filename...";
>       $contents = fread($filename, filesize($filename)); //read it...
>       $names = explode("\n", $contents);
>       foreach($names as $name);
>       echo "$name<br>";
>       fclose($filename);
> ?>
> Obviously, I've written in some stuff just so I can see what I'm doing,
> echo in the foreach for example. But I'm stuck on what to use to actually
> separate and rewrite each $name. I'm assuming I'll have to create a
> or for() loop and use a regular expression for this? I'm not sure where to
> look. Any help would be great - just so I won't have to go in and manually
> separate first and last names. Thanks!
> Jason Soza

Off the top of my head (pseudocode):

Read the file into an array with file()
 foreach element
  explode on tab
  select name field
  explode on comma
  extract last, first fields and write to...

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