>I have a problem with content data. Currently I do store images inside a
>data folder.
>This is causing a problem, because everytime I installan update of the
>application on the server I have to move this folder around to the new
>version of my application. I am worried that during this coppy an error will
>apear, due to my fault, or whatever might happen. The immages are part of a
>dataset stored in a mysqldb. So I tryed to store them to blobs, but this is
>causing performance problems. Images apear much quicker while comming from
>the filesystem. They also seem not to be cached by the client anymore.
>Does anybody know a good method to store the images outside the rootfolder
>and still access them the old fashion way?

1. Convince your FTP client not to over-write the images.

2. Move the images outside the web-tree, and use PHP to serve them up.


--------- images.php --------------------

<IMG SRC=images.php/<?=$filename?>?filename=<?=$filename?> WIDTH=<?=$width?>
HEIGHT=<?=$height?> BORDER=0>

#1 is way easier and more efficient...

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