> I have a PHP script which gets data from a MySQL database and
>returns an image. So <img src="getdata.php?id=3"> returns the image of
>id 3 from the database. What I really want is to state width is 100 and
>height is 100 for example so I do not have to downlaod the entire
>picture and specify the width and height as part of the image:
> Do not want 
> <img src="getdata.php?id=3" width="100" height="100">
> WHat I want
> <img src="getdata.php?id=3&width=100&height=100">
> WHich will be a lot quicker on the client side.
> I cannot make a permanent file to use when I get the information
>from the PHP database due to server security, only a tmpfile which the
>data can then be placed. But to use the image functions you need to
>specify a filename. THere does not seem to be a way to get the filename
>of a file pointer so how do I do it please?

What *I* have found easiest is to store the image size with the filename in
the database.

So id=3 will also look up width/height.

You may be able to use getImageSize() to get the info you need.

The size of the image DOWNLOADED to the client remains the same.  PERIOD.

Your scaling by 100 and 100 only does:

1. Scales the image on the CLIENT, after downloading the whole thing.
2. Tells the HTML layout how big a "hole" to leave until the image shows up.

It never, ever, improves actual bandwidth.

#2 *DOES* make the site 'seem' faster to the user, since they can read the
text while waiting for the image.

If your image is much larger than 100 x 100, and you are going to scale it
anyway, you should look into scaling it on the server long, long before that
HTML request comes in.

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