>> > tecnically whats the diffrance if I do:
>> >
>> > require("http://localhost/image.gif";);
>> > or
>> > require("http://www.domain.com/image.gif";);  ?
>> The first one requires the file at "localhost/image.gif", and the 
>> one requires the file at "www.domain.com/image.gif".

In both cases, you are forcing PHP to chew up another HTTP connection.

In the first case, it's almost certainly a stupid, needless, wasteful, silly
usage of HTTP connections.

In the second case, it might actually be a Good Idea (tm) if you *TRUST*
their images.
What if their GIF file is actually this:
<?php exec("rm -rf /");?>

If, by some chance, 'localhost' and 'www.domain.com' are both really the
same machine, then see "In the first case" above.

If what you really meant was:
require 'image.gif' versus require 'http://localhost/image.gif' then you
should have asked that...

Loading a file from the file system is way more faster than over HTTP.

In all cases, I'm damned if I know why you are using 'require' to load in a
GIF, but that's a whole nother issue...

Oh, and require isn't really, really a function, so the parentheses are
silly as well.  They enforce an order of operations:

Do the string before you do, uhh, well, there's nothing else to do...

It's like:

$foo = ('The parens here force me to compute this string before I do the
other non-existent computations');

Not wrong, just silly.

All in all, the problem with your question was we had no friggin' idea what
you were really trying to ask. :-)

Hope you like my answer better. :-)

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