>I have been trying to figure out how to execute
>commands on a win 98 system with php and apache.
>exec(), system(), and shell_exec() seem to work when i
>try to execute a command (such as "netstat -n" or
>"dir") because I can see the ms-dos window open on the
>system, run the command, and then close. However, the
>php web page fails to ever finish loading. 
>When using the system() command, the output of the
>command (at least *some* of the output) appears on the
>web page, but fails to stop trying to load. With the
>other two commands, no data appears on the web page
>and the pages endlessly continue to try and load (wait
>for a reply) even though the ms-dos window has come
>and gone.

Wow.  I'm amazed you even got as far as the MS-DOS window opening up to do

Okay, so here's what I would try...

Make the command be something that takes a *REALLY* long time to execute,
and see what, if anything, you can glean from the display in the MS DOS

Arrange your browser on the desktop so you can see the MS DOS window as it
opens and watch the words go by.

Perhaps Microsoft will be providing some useful output in the DOS window...
I mean, anything is possible...

I don't think exec() and friends really work well/right under Windows... Try
the php-windows group to be sure, though...

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