>I've created the following file (see HTML/JavaScript code below) which
>allows end-users to dynamically (on the client-side) move items from one
>form select list (called "list_managers" to another (called simply
>"managers[]").  When, however, I attempt to access the end-user created
>"managers[]" form select list with PHP, I'm unable to do so!  My testing
>(using the empty and isset functions) revealed that the "managers[]" array
>shows up as being empty, even though items were added to it from the
>"list_managers" select list prior to the form's submission.  Has anyone
>encountered this problem before?  What am I doing wrong here?  Are there any
>suitable workarounds?

I think you have two (2) fields named 'managers[]'

Both will be transmitted to PHP.

Only the second one is probably making it through...

Rename one of them to something else.

Disclaimer:  I can't read that JavaScript well enough to figure it out...

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