I get the following error when i try to install an app
called "PHPwebsite" ( http://phpwebsite.appstate.edu/ )

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by
 (output started at C:\apache\htdocs\php\setup\index.php:9)
in C:\apache\htdocs\php\htmlheader.php on line 30

I also installed php,apache,perl,mysql etc using a program called:
"PHPtriad" ( an app that installs/configures everything at once)

Why am I getting that error, can anyone help?

below is the header.php file I'm having trouble with:


 * This file contains the html-header core function definitions for
 * The functions defined here are essential for the phpWebSite
 * system. This file gets included almost all the time, you should be
 * able to use the functions defined here everywhere in the code.
 * @module mainfile
 * @modulegroup core
 * @package phpWebSite

 * Wrapper around header("Location: url") to deal also with IE
 * @param URL
 * @author: Alessandro Pisani
function html_header_location($url) {
 $agent = (phpversion() > "4.1.0") ? $_SERVER[HTTP_USER_AGENT] :

 // Both IE 5.x and Mozilla >= 0.9.8 now require header() to be postfixed by
 // exit, otherwise they do not execute headers send

 if (stristr($agent, 'msie'))
  { Header("Refresh: 0;url=$url"); exit; }
  { Header("Location: $url"); exit; }


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