On Tue, 02 Jul 2002 14:33:35 -0700, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Clay Loveless) wrote:
> I haven't tried this myself yet, but will soon be facing a similar need.
> http://www.php.net/iconv
> That's probably the way I'll start off on tackling this problem ... Grab
> your XML document, check to see if it's in windows-1252, and if it is, run
> it through the iconv functions, then parse the XML data.

Thanks.  I tried this on my Windows development server and got absolutely no output 
from these functions, so gave up.  Now i'm wondering whether 
it's just a Windows-only bug: I'll have to look and see if my web hosting has this 
installed as it would be a smart option if it did work.

Using the unicode translation tables I built some kind of translation table which 
seemed to work, but it converted to utf-16 rather than utf-8, 
so everything showed as little squares rather than characters :-(  Otherwise this 
would have worked nicely (contact me if you want more details).


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