As a matter of fact, when viewing the source (which should display properly
if word wrap is off in Notepad) the line appears to be broken up. I have an
idea...write the line to a file then open the file and get the line for
exec()...blabbering now, must go...

I have fixed many things and had many great suggestions pointed my way, I
appreciate all of it! So to state the problem in the light of this new day
here is what I have;

>From the command line this works perfectly;
curl -d "name=myname&password=mypassword&btnsubmit=submit" -s -o
cdrlist.html https://theserver.com/download/list.html

Using exec() (or shell_exec(), or others in the family) like this;

exec("curl -d \"name=myname&password=mypassword&btnsubmit=submit\" -s -o
cdrlist.html https://theserver.com/download/list.html";);

does not work. I have made sure that the output of the exec() is all on one
line through many tests. I have placed the command line arguements in
variables and re-done the exec() call as many ways as I can think of. Is
anyone aware of any problems with exec() that may be causing this behavior?
Any insight would be grandly appreciated.



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