Hi all,
     I have compiled PHP with Java support using the option ./configure
--with-prefix="path to lib directory" --with-java="jdk path" on a
virtual server. There is no problem with compilation. During compilation
it gives Checking for Java Support yes . I made modifications to the
php.ini file also. but when I tried a test php script <?php phpinfo();
?> , I was not able to see anything related to java in the output file.

As the previous option was not working , we tried setting JAVA_HOME to
jdk_path and used the option ./configure --with-prefix="path to lib
directory" --with-java(without the jdkpath) . Even not I was not able to
get anything related to Java. phpinfo() gives me the configure option as
./configure --with-prefix="path to lib directory" --with-java="jdk path"
and not ./configure --with-prefix="path to lib directory" --with-java .
Am I doing anything wrong ?

Then we removed all PHP related files for usr/local/bin and
usr/local/lib and compiled PHP again. Even now we were not able to get
that working ...

what are the steps to be followed to install PHP with Java support on a
virtual server??? previously we had installed the same version of PHP on
our local m/c and everything was working fine. The only difference is I
am not using --with-prefix option when compiling on my local m/c . we
don't have access to /usr/local/lib of the virtual server m/c and so we
cannot put our ini file in /usr/local/lib.


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