On Tuesday, July 2, 2002, at 11:10  PM, Justin French wrote:

> on 03/07/02 11:54 AM, Richard Lynch ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> Rule of Thumb:
>> If you have to do header("Location: ...")  you have a
>> design/engineering/organizational problem in your code/pages/site.
>> I'm sure a zillion people will disagree with this "rule"
> I agree, except there's one exception to this that I can't see a way 
> around.
> When dealing with form submissions the receiving file needs to validate 
> all
> the code before anything is sent to the browser, update the database (or
> whatever) and then redirect to itself with some sort of GET flag that 
> issues
> a thankyou note or something.
> Otherwise people can hit "refresh" and post the data twice, or 10 
> times :)

Justin!  That's a great idea.  No one ever mentioned that to me before 
(and I've been on and off this list for months).  Or actually, I think 
YOU mentioned it once but I didn't understand it.

So let me ask:  do you have one giant script that validates all data, 
depending on the variables sent to it?  Or do you have a "formcheck" 
script for each individual form?

This is a great way to stop someone from hitting refresh and 
resubmitting their POST data accidentally, since you've got that GET 
flag which basically says "do not process this form!"  It's not 
-secure-, since anyone can remove this flag (even if you used POST), but 
it will work for Joe User to stop him from accidentally resubmitting.



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