On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, at 11:08  AM, Nightshade wrote:

> Yea,I understood. But my question is: is right that my Document_root 
> (shown
> in phpinfo) is /var/www/html/ and not /var/www/html/mysite? And if isn't
> right where I can change this?

I'm not sure -- is that the directory that you want to be your document 
root?  I doubt it from what you're saying but nobody else has any way of 

If you want your document root to be /var/www/html/mysite and it is 
currently something else, you need to set your httpd.conf file 
differently.  Or perhaps a .htaccess file can be used.  (This is 
assuming you are using Apache.)

Go to www.apache.org and read the httpd documentation there for more 
information about setting up the document root in httpd.conf.



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