On Wednesday, July 3, 2002, 4:12:02 PM, Analysis & Solutions wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 03:00:29AM +0200, David Russell wrote:
>> How would I get recent stock prices in a page? I obviously need to get 
>> this from some source.
>> I am looking for local (South African) and international share prices 
>> for a portal-type system.
> This may or may not be of some assistance:
>    http://www.analysisandsolutions.com/code/phpxml.htm
> I don't know if it'll obtain South African stocks.

Before you go republishing data from Nasdaq.com (or any other site) please be
sure that you understand the legal implications of doing so. For 99% of sites
(probably 100% of sites providing live market quotes considering the cost of
obtaining said data) you need explicit written permission to do it. For
example, the following paragraph was taken from the copyright message returned 
in the XML obtained by the code given by the above link:

<quote source="http://quotes.nasdaq.com/quote.dll?page=xml&mode=stock&symbol=";>

Unless you have a Nasdaq Logo License or other written agreement in effect with
The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. which states otherwise, you may only provide a
hypertext link to the Nasdaq Site on another website, provided that (a) the
link must be a text-only link clearly marked "Nasdaq Home Page" or
"nasdaq.com", (b) the link must "point" to the URL "http://www.nasdaq.com"; and
not to other pages within the Nasdaq Site, (c) the appearance, position and
other aspects of the link may not be such as to damage or dilute the goodwill
associated with Nasdaq's name and trademarks, (d) the appearance, position and
other aspects of the link may not create the false appearance that an entity is
associated with or sponsored by Nasdaq, (e) the link, when activated by a user,
must display the Nasdaq Site full-screen and not within a "frame" on the linked
website, and (f) The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. reserves the right to revoke its
consent to the link at any time in its sole discretion.


Or diluted down to the basic message:

    You may not republish this information without written permission!


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