>1) does this HTTP protocol work with all browsers?

Every one I've ever seen...

But it *might* not work with, say, Mozilla 1.0 from 1989 or so... :-)

>2) are there any complications that need to be addressed


Once you decide to send a Location: header, all bets are off on the other
headers and HTML getting to the browser, and what the browser will do with

The browser might take your cookie, it might not.
The browser might display your html, it might not.
The browser might take your Expiration date, it might not.
The browser might immediately jump right to the next page, ignoring anything
else in your HTTP stream, it might not.

It's a good idea to get in the habit of doing:

header("Location: xxx");

There's no point in sending any more data after the Location: header anyway,
and you won't confuse yourself with looking at any more data in the output
stream nor any more source code.

>3) is there an accepted best style of the header text to maximise multiple
>browser compatibility

Use the FULL URL, not just foo.html

>4) should I be asking this in a different new group? Perhaps http.general?

You probably should ask it somewhere else, but I dunno exactly where...

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