I can output the file using readfile(). But the problem is that it appears
to output the data in it's raw form. How can I get it to open in the right

I wasn't going to put the file in the DB. I am just working on a stats
program for a couple of sites. One had about 50 downloads and I want info
about who is viewing them also.

JJ Harrison

"Richard Lynch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message[]...
> >I want to show info when my docs are viewed though my stats program. I
> >decieded the best way would be to put the info into a DB through php file
> >then output the PDF, Excel, Zip or Powerpoint file.
> >
> >Only trouble is I have no Idea how to do this
> Stuffing the actual data into your database doesn't really give you much
> added value to tracking who is viewing it...
> Write something like this:
> ---------- display.php ----------------------
> <?php
>   $query = "update stats set count = count + 1 where filename =
> '$filename'";
>   mysql_query($query) or error_log(mysql_error());
>   # If it's the first time this file has ever been displayed...
>   if (mysql_affected_rows() < 1){
>     $query = "insert into stats(filename, count) values('$filename', 1)";
>     mysql_query($query) or error_log(mysql_error());
>   }
>   readfile($filename);
> ?>
> ---------------------------------------------
> You can then put your PDF files *outside* your web-tree so nobody can read
> them, except like:
> --
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