I already got some replies for this but it wasn't it, here is the problem:

I have a simple form which queries the database based on 2 pop-up menu 
choices and keywords entered by the user,
it passes on the variables as follows:

pop-up1=choice1, pop-up2=choice2, textfield=user specified data

the query is as follows

$result = mysql_query("SELECT some_id, some_description, some_feature 
FROM '$pop-up1' WHERE some_description LIKE '%$texfield%' AND 
some_feature LIKE '%$pop-up2'");

it tells me that column which equals to the $texfield does not exists, 
meaning that the query seems to be fed wrong? No idea here, $texfield and 
$pop-up2 are not requests for tables but matches in those tables

a bit buffled I am, I've these queries before on larger web servers, this 
is the first time on my workstation and it does just that, simpler 
queries work fine...

thanks in advance,


ps. the form is guarded against empty entries
ps2. RedHat 7.3, Mysql 3.23.51, Apache 1.3+ wik PHP 4.2.1 configured for 

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