Hi all,

I have to tables A and B.
They boyh have a column with the same name.

Now, I wrote this MySQL statement performing a left join.
This results in a data set with rows consisting of 2 columns of the same name, in 
which the date is stored when the record was last altered. This column is called 

Later on in my script I'm calling the value of this column with php.
$query="select * from tblA LEFT JOIN ....";
while ($result_row=mysql_fetch_array($resultID))
echo "$result_row[column with the same name]";

Well, this works without any php or mysql errors, but it is giving me the data back of 
that column wich I don't wanna have...It returns the "last_altered" date of tblB in 
stead of tblA.
A solution might be te exclude the second column (the wrong one) from the select 
statement in the query. This is a MySQL adjustement. Anybody knows how this can be 

Maybe there are also PHP solutions which I don't know of...?


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