Hi, i'm making a script to donwload files from a ftp server to the server 
hosting the script, but i don't know how to download all the files from a 
directory. I'm using the file system functions to conect to the ftp server, 
because the ftp functions in php does not always work, and, actually  they 

        @fputs($conexion,"RETR file.zip\r\n");
        echo @fgets($conexion,256);
        echo "<br>" ;

I think that works, but i don't know how to retrive all the files from a 
directory. Also (ppff!! thats a lot of questions) some people say i can 
resume these downloads when i use fsockopen...is that true?. Oh yes, i 
almost forgot, when downloading large files, the script dies, is there a 
chance to let the script die, but the process can go on, and when it's 
finished send a email or something telling me that it transfer the files?

Thx :D

PD: English is not my languaje, sorry ñ_ñ

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