On Friday 05 July 2002 19:37, Latex Master wrote:
> Hello php-general,
>       I've recently faced big optimization issues. Here is mine
> situation:
> I make connection to NNTP server and fetch headers from the news group
> lets say bla.bla.bla. Connection made ok. Next Php tryes to put
> everything into the array. It's okey if number of headers are lower
> then let's say 100. But if number of headers get greater then 100,
> it's a pain in the ass. I have to wait for 90-100 seconds till the
> operation completes. (I'm talking here about large value news groups).
> So I have faced that I need to optimize it somehow.
> At this point of time i've got only idea is to put all the headers in
> the database. But not sure how to update database frequently. Any
> ideas even fantastic ones are welcome.

There is at least one php-based newsreader out there, look at how they do it.

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