Miguel Cruz wrote:

> Yup. You'd think that the browser developers would come up with a way to 
> indicate this (mouse pointer turning to a lock when hovering over a submit 
> button, etc.).


Yes, it's a GREAT idea! would make our HTTPS processing traffic much 
better (that is, quicker). Besides, using an HTTPS server implies 
(correct me if I am wrong) consuming an IP number, which is why site 
owner pays extra money for the service, while having the address masked 
withinh a form would make it possible to use addresses such as 
HTTPS:www.providersite/com/namevirtualsite without loosing commercial 
image. And saving quite a lot of IP numbers from being spent just for a 
matter of commercial image.

We might just start putting on our sites some sort of "lock" button 
defined by CSS. If many of do it, maybe the idea will pass thru.




LoRd, CaN yOu HeAr Me, LiKe I'm HeArInG yOu?
lOrD i'M sHiNiNg...
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tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
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tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is.......

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