>that's connected to the web, and it works. I went out and got the
>php.ini that my user uses on that server and checked it with my local
>copy. The only difference between the two were the lifetimes of
>cookies, etc.

Details, please. :-)

>I've also tried passing the $PHPSESSID on to another page, and it
>never 'remembers' the variables that I've declared. But when I upload
>it to the server, it works.
>Is this the default configuration under Debian? My brother and his
>wife also use Debian, and I asked them to check the script, and it
>doesn't work on their machines, either. Could it be something with

Extremely unlikely...

I mean, *SOOO* many web-sites would break if Cookies didn't work...

If there *IS* a Debian Cookie issue, you'll find it much quicker on a Debian
mailing list than here on PHP, though.

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