> gh> ; Whether or not to enable the dl() function.  The dl() function 
does NOT
 > gh> work
 > gh> ; properly in multithreaded servers, such as IIS or Zeus, and is
 > gh> automatically
 > gh> ; disabled on them.
 > gh> enable_dl = On

Solution is self-evident: format your hard-disk and install something 
like an operative system and a web-server on it :)) LOLOLOLOL You cannot 
expect to use Microsoft and have no problems, right? (not that I'd call 
Unix a paradise, but at least basic functions do work )

Don't fire back, today is Ivan Kupala Day and I am sitting here working 
while everyone else in town is having a drink, so I'm in the mood for 
cracking jokes a bit :))




LoRd, CaN yOu HeAr Me, LiKe I'm HeArInG yOu?
lOrD i'M sHiNiNg...
YoU kNoW I AlMoSt LoSt My MiNd, BuT nOw I'm HoMe AnD fReE
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is.......

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