> Hi, i am writing a news management system in PHP, with comments, etc, and 
>i am wondering if theres a better way of structuring the tables to increase 
>speed and stability.
> This is how i am structuring my tables:
> Table 1 (news)
> ------------------------------
> ID
> Date
> Author
> Title
> News Text
> Table 2 (comments)
> --------------------------------
> ID
> News ID (to which news it belongs to)
> Date
> Author
> Comment text

Looks good!

Though I would avoid "two word" columns:

You *might* also want to record commenters' IP addresses so you can track
down abusers not smart enough to hide that...  Or require a vaild email
before commenting, or...

*SOME* sort of control on posting.

Or, for a small site, perhaps add a field "approved" and only display
approved comments.

Or, just leave it "wide open" :-)

Just some ideas to consider.

> Everytime i want to show the comments on some news article, i have to do a 
>query to the whole table 2, selecting the entries that have the "news ID" 
>equal to the ID of the news i want. It works but is this ok for when i have 
>hundreds of news/comments later on? Wont it slow down things? Is there an 
>easier way for this news/comments script?

There are two issues here:

Q. How many comments can I have in SQL before MySQL pukes?
A. Oh, a few million or so.

Q. How many comments can I display on a single web page before HTTP is too
A. Maybe a dozen or so.

Fortunately, you can use MySQL's LIMIT clause in your SQL and some
navigation links/buttons to display the first 10 (next 10, next 10, ...)
comments very easily.

Search for "LIMIT" in the various MySQL/PHP sample code archives, and you'll
find it fairly easy.

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