Greg Scotts wrote:
> $to #
> $from #
> $subject #
> $message #
> mail($to, $from, $subject, $message)

It always worked for me... you obviously checked variable content, did 
you? And I am not sure I got you right. Mail gets sent, it's just the 
sender address being wrong?

> Also, i was wondering how i could use my own PHP.INI config file on a =
> remote webserver which hosts my site.

You need a shell with root access. I doubt you will be given one.

> And can i set .php to something else, like .he for example?

Yes, if you are root :) You need to do it in your httpd.conf (that's 
actually something Apache must now. For PHP file extension is totally 
equivalent, you could have no extension at all and they would work. It's 
Apache that needs some rule for it to know how it's going to process the 




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