Hi alberto,

I did try this out, but somehow this happens:

text br / br / text in new line

br/ is exacly where the linebrakes should be, but instead it is typed on

Is there a solution for this?


"Alberto Serra" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Привет!
> andy wrote:
> > One Form has a textfield, I submit it to another html site where there
> > another form with a textfield. Inside this textfield I place a hidden
> > with the value of the field from page 1 then I submit to the actual php
> > inserting the values into a db.
> So, let's see if I got you right:
> Form 1: a textfield, you submit it to another page (no matter whether it
> is on the same host or not, this should not make any difference)
> Form 2 contains:
>    1) a hidden field with the value from form 1
>    2) another text field for new user input
> You submit form 2 and nl2br does not work on the values of the hidden
> field. Right?
> If that is so it's simply because once the value gets put in
> form2/field1 it has already lost the new lines.
> So you should run nl2br on it *before* it gets submitted the second
> time. Do it when you send the value to form2.
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