Thank you

That's what I was asking for and needed to know, 
I had thought of something along those lines but was interested if
anyone had found a 
Different way, I was not intending to insult anyone, was just implying
that I not be made a fool When people have not real and thought about my

Sorry if I upset anyone.

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On Mon, 8 Jul 2002, Chris Kay wrote:
> I'll repeat my ealier question because some people can not think for 
> themselves..

Why insult people who are trying to help you? Nobody gets paid to read 
this list; they're doing it to be nice.

> I want to run a print job of 200+ invoices
> I have a javascript code to open a print dialog box and
> Then go to next invoice and do the loop..
> Problem I am having is that I want it to pause if the ok button on the
> dialog Box is not pressed..
> When I run the script it fly's throught and brings up a heap of
> Dialog boxes which causes me to ctrl+alt+del...
> Anyway or pausing the script untill ok is pressed?

You are running into client behavior that is out of your control. If I
had to print that much stuff, I'd generate one big document containing
all of them, and insert page breaks. Then it would go as a single print
job.  If your operator is using IE, Try something like <p
style="page-break-before:always"> at the top of each new invoice. 
Otherwise, generate RTF or PDF.


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