Hi all,


I wanted to announce a new version of the phpxmlclasses package.
In this version I added an implementation of the RDQL language
to query RDF documents from local files or URLs.
Up to now the repository has the following classes:

XSLT: a wrapper for the xslt processor.
Xindice: implements the XML-RPC API for Xindice
RDQL: A RDQL engine for RDF documents (files/URLs)
RSS parser: A parser to process RSS 1.0 documents
RDF parser: A generic RDF parser (port of Repat)
RDDL parser: A parser to extract resource elements from RDDL documents.
Schematron: An implementation of the Schematron language
Xquery Lite: An implementation of Xquery Lite, a subset of Xquery 1.0
SAX filters: SAX filters for streamlined SAX processing
Path parser: A generic XML event-driven parser based on paths.


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