Richard Lynch wrote:
> You *MIGHT* try installing the Optimizer on a Dev box and turning on *ONE*
> opitmization group/feature at a time and then pounding on that Dev server
> with 'ab' until you narrow down which optimizations are the trouble-makers.

Tried that.  Each optimization value/setting fails in the same way.

> Why in the *WORLD* do you have hundreds of includes, though?

Easier to organize, maintain and it's the only a group of developers can 
  work efficiently on a project at the same time.

> You do realize that including a hundred include files is incredibly slow,
> right?...  You may be able to drastically improve performance if there's any
> way to combine those files...

We tested this a long time ago and there was little time difference 
between one file and many files.  I think this has to do with the fact 
that the page already take roughly a 2 seconds to load, so a couple tens 
of milliseconds didn't make a difference.

Thanks for the advice,


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