I can't seem to find an elegant solution to this and was hoping you guys could
offer some insight.

We are using sessions on our webpage and one of the links on our main page,
launches a separate popup window which has some PHP on it and contains some
java applets which launch our web-based trading application.  The thing is
that part of this page requires that we have the user ID for a database lookup
which is part of the user's session data.  Basically, it lets the user refresh
a directory to see if a file is there and available for download.  If the user
logs out in the main window, we lose this session data and the user ID and the
page chokes because it cannot find the user directory because we've lost the
user ID.

Does anyone have any ideas how we can get around this?  Thanks in advance for
any replies -- this mailing list has been a huge help for us.

Michael Champagne, Software Engineer
Capital Institutional Services, Inc.

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