Hi all,
I posted a message about a FREE technical job site I just finished as a
direct result of looking for that kind of site and not finding it.....
I had asked for feedback and got 1 response about a mis-spelled word (which
I fixed). The site may charge eventually but for now It is free to post
"profiles", and Job opportunities.

I  would very much like it to showcase PHP and MySQL as that is what I do,
and The entire site is done in them. I will still welcome any input, but the
site is there and free for use............

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Subject: [PHP] is their a jobs mailing list?

> Hi,
> I was here first:
> http://www.php.net/manual/en/faq.mailinglist.php#faq.mailinglist.guideline
> > Before you post to the list please have a look in this FAQ
> But I found nothing about a jobs mailing list. I'm really a Perl
programmer and
> we have jobs.perl.org which has a list which does a really good job.
> A person from Houston, TX asked me if I knew of any PHP people in Houston.
> I advertise on Google and Overture as a developer for hire.
> I don't sugget he post to this list as I'm not sure of the etiquette and
I've never
> seen jobs posted to this list; I know they are accepted heartily on the
> mod_perl list.
> Anything simple but effective like this site for PHP?
> http://jobs.perl.org/
> Peter
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