Hi all

I have just had a request about editing Word Documents...

I have an intranet, which provides access to, amongst others, Word 
Documents about policies, etc. What the guys are looking for is a way to 
do the following:

1. Show a list of files available for editing
2. If a file is clicked, then it is locked for other users (no access)
3. The file opens on the client's machine
4. The client edits it
5. The client then closes the file, it "auto-saves" and he goes about 
his business.

Points 1 through 3 are relatively trivial. Point 4 and 5 (especially 5) 
have me lost.

How do you get a file to be edited, and then automatically returned to 
the server by M$ Word in it's changed format. Is this possible?

How would this change in a database-backended system (including the 
files as BLOBs)?


David R

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