On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 10:49:12AM +0300, adi wrote:

>  $string="-line1\n -line2 \n-line3";
>   $result2 = db_query("update table1 set column1= '$string' where ID =
> '$IDcurent'") or db_die();
> When i try to view in a textarea control the new value from column1, the
> newlines disappear!

Werid.  Should work fine.  I just ran a test to make sure.  Yep, no 
problem.  Do a reveal source on your output and paste it into a reply to 
the list so we can see what you're getting.

Perhaps you're not actaully updating the data due to a mismatch in your
where ID = '$IDcurrent' statement (or some other similar problem)?  
Please make sure of that (by changing the test string to something else)  
before doing anything else.


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