Hi Follks

I'm writing an application that requires the user to login to gain access to
the rest of the site.
The login dailog is on index.html, once verified by login.php the user is
presented with a menu from
which he can select several options option1.htm which executes a query
through option1.php etc,
option2.htm and option3.htm  and so on. But there's nothing stopping him
from bypassing the login completely
and just brining up option2.htm directly in the browser. I'm looking for
some kind of mechanism to set a
flag for a successful logon in index.php that can be tested in the other php

I tried using a cookie and got that to work but the user can close the
browser, reopen and the cookie is still
set. I looked in to session variables but one page could seem to see the
session variable values set in the
login page, it saw the variable was registered but not the value it was set

I know this has to be a simple exercise but I'm a newbie.



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