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  Subject: Re: [PHP] UNSETing Session Variables

  I tried to enter the comand as such 
    unset ($_SESSION["choice"]); 

  I thought everything in php was double quotes. but even with single quotes it still 
isn't quite working.  If I do it on the first page then it won't let a later command 
assign anything to the variable, but if I do it on a seperate third page, it doesn't 
reset anything. 

  I have been trying to avoid unregistering variables and then reseting them.  Seems a 
little too messy for my programming tastes. 


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        07/08/2002 12:01 PM 

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  // .. or .. //


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  Subject: [PHP] UNSETing Session Variables

  > I am having a slight problem unseting some session variable.
  > here is an exaple of what I have
  > Page1:
  > choice: 1
  > choice: 2
  > choice: 3
  > choice: 4
  > Click on Submit button after choosing 1, 2, 3, or 4
  > Page 2:
  > Loads information from previoius choice.
  > Start over again
  > I am using a session variable for choice and am trying at the beginning of
  > page 1 to unset the session variable, but it is never beign over written
  > or rest.
  > Please Help
  > Jed

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